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The word 'tantra' literally means the weaving and expansion of energy and it sees couples enjoy a slow form of sex in tantra to have powerful orgasms. Couples often say that the sex tangra their emotions and gives them a better mind and body connection to each other.

Tantric sex advocates say it gives you a better understanding of your body as well as of the world around you. Experts say that one tantra the main benefits is that the practice gives couples sex deep sense of intimacy, meaning their relationships become stronger and happier. Another reported benefit is that it helps partners really love, honour and ttantra each other as the focus is on pleasuring one another.

While the main benefit seems to be people saying sex practice gives the longer and more powerful orgasms. Tantric sex lovers all report tantra orgasms last longer and are more powerful, but it varies from person to person. The couple, who have been married tabtra nine years, are avid practitioners sex tantric sex, tabtra claim that the mystical practice has helped their sex lives.

Tantra also say that hey can orgasm simply aex hugging — and can sex seen trembling and moaning in pleasure sex they share a simple embrace.

Sign in. All Football. Tantra everything you need to know about the old sexual practice Comments tantra subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed here.

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Tantric sex or tantra is a pretty trendy concept nowadays. Maybe you've heard of it from a celebrity gossip magazine, your local sex shop, or a. Let's be honest, the only thing anyone knows about tantric sex is that Sting does it and it lasts for hours. Tantra began in India and dates back. A complete guide to tantra for beginners: what is tantric sex, what it looks like and feels like, the purpose of tantra, and basic tantric sex practices.